My Commitment to You

I am committed to you!  I will listen and be present with you.  I commit to providing a safe environment for you.  This means I will not judge.  Everything you say will remain completely confidential (unless required by law).  With all that I am, I believe that our time together is sacred.  Therefore, I desire to bring my best to you.  I will pray for you between sessions.  I will regularly spend time with God and engage in spiritual disciplines.  I will take care of myself physically.  I will monthly see a spiritually director.  I will be in community with fellow Christian believers.  I will serve in my local church and attend weekly services.  I will have mentors.  I will meet regularly with other supervising Spiritual Directors for continued education.

The whole point of our time together is to be 100% honest, sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences as they truly are – not how you feel they should be.  I will be authentic with you, and my hope is for you to be authentic with me.  I treasure when people are being “real,” and it is a true honor to companion with you in that.  If you ever experience a life strain or a financial situation that poses a struggle to meet with me, I value talking about that with you.  Please make it to your appointments, and please be open to hearing from God.  That openness alone makes up for all the difficulties.  These are the things I ask of you.