What a Session Looks Like

As a Spiritual Director, I meet with women individually in a private room at my church, or I meet at a distance through Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.  I have found it best to meet monthly for consistency, growth in relationship with God, and soul-care.  Sessions last 55 minutes.  We start with a time of silent prayer, and then you begin the conversation whenever you’re ready.  I do not decide what you should talk about.  You give voice to what you notice “bubbling up” inside you that day, week, or past month.  I listen intently to you and to the Holy Spirit, because this is a conversation involving three people – you, me, and the Holy Spirit.  God is present with us.  It is an unhurried conversation, and there will be times of reflection, silence, and waiting.

As a Spiritual Director, I will not counsel, but I will direct our session as the Holy Spirit guides me to ask you questions, to slow down the conversation, to ask you to speak more about something you’ve shared, to provide encouragement, or to voice something I’m noticing.  I will be listening and directing, but it truly is a time for you to verbalize what you are experiencing in your relationships with God, others, and life circumstances.  Our time together usually ends in prayer.  I pray for you, and you are welcome to pray too.  The last bit of our time together includes payment and scheduling.  As you leave, I ask God to seal the work He has done in our conversation and to give you gifts of awareness, faith, and encouragement.